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mother1Custom jewelry design starts with consultation. First we sit down and discuss the project, I provide rough sketches of the piece while we work out the perfect design. When we decide on the direction to take, I am provided with the materials (gold, sterling silver, precious stones, etc.) to be used in the jewelry.


Wax Model

Using the consultation and chosen materials (gold, sterling silver, precious stones, etc.), I hand carve a wax model of the piece. Any precious stones are set in the wax to further illustrate the design. We review this design and move on to casting the mold.

Making the Mold

The precious stones are then carefully removed from the model and the wax is invested in a steel flask with a special plaster. The wax is burned off leaving a vacant cavity that is then filled with molten gold or silver melted in a crucible.

Finishing and Setting

Once cooled, the plaster is broken and removed from the piece. Precious stones are then set and the piece is buffed and polished to a luxurious shine.

Log Cabin Project

1930 Ford Hot Rod Project